Using the Little Helper Kitchen Tower Outside of the Kitchen

Using the Little Helper Kitchen Tower Outside of the Kitchen

Using the Little Helper Kitchen Tower Outside of the Kitchen

One of the best aspects of our Little Partners Learning Towers is how dynamic they truly are: they make adult creative spaces like countertops and tables a place for your toddler to learn, play, and share. These Montessori-inspired towers are unique, sustainable additions to the home that enrich your child’s development—especially in the kitchen! 

For instance, the Little Helper Kitchen Tower helps create lifelong memories around rolling cookie dough, stirring pancake batter, or just spending quality time together. Your cutie assistant will adore the tactile engagement, and you’ll get to make precious moments together before you blink and they’ve grown up.

The Montessori philosophy encourages kids to take a hands-on approach to learning in order for them to become productive, well-rounded individuals. Products like the Little Helper Kitchen Tower open up new ways to learn and grow, but did you know that this tower also supports your child’s boundless imagination beyond the limits of the kitchen? Here are a few suggestions for how to use your Little Helper Kitchen Tower in other ways.

1. Bathrooms

Parents who are new to using a Learning Tower might be tempted to assume it’s designed with the kitchen in mind, but it’s great for any room with countertops, sinks, or other spaces that require a boost. Toddlers often ask for “uppies” at kitchen counters, but bathroom counters are just as distant for kiddos who want to gain life skills at an early age. By placing a Learning Tower in the bathroom, you’ll enable them to access the sink and mirror, which gives them the chance to learn about washing hands, personal grooming, and other autonomous habits. 

Studies have shown that children benefit from spending time in front of a mirror. Plus, who doesn’t love a good lip-syncing competition at the vanity? Having your mini bestie at your hip rather than on your hip while getting ready in the mornings makes things much easier. And because the Little Helper Kitchen Tower is adjustable, it can work with nearly any sink height.  

2. Bedrooms

Adults spend a lot of time in the bedroom, whether it’s cleaning, working, getting ready for the day, or just doing some exercise in your downtime. These are all activities that the Little Helper Kitchen Tower can help turn into shared time together rather than an awkward moment managing a bored toddler.  

When you’re sitting at your desk or reading on the bed, our Learning Tower can bring your little buddy closer to the action so they can participate—even if you’re just organizing your dresser or cleaning the shelves! 

And speaking of dust, our towers are designed to sustain healthy air quality in any room. Your child’s safety is a top priority, which is why we ensure that every tower is Greenguard Gold Certified—this means that the materials we use to build our products must pass the highest standards of cleanliness and eco-friendliness before they arrive at your door. By preserving sustainability and safety, you can breathe easy as you spend time with your child. 

3. Playrooms

If your child has an area separate from their bedroom for toys and games, a Learning Tower is a great accessory for that space. Try relocating your Little Helper Kitchen Tower to the playroom and watch your baby’s creativity blossom. Maybe it becomes an important component of a blanket fort or a castle in a faraway land. They can comfortably climb up and down the tower to bring their fantasies to life no matter where their imagination takes them. 

Of course, like all our products, safety is always a number-one concern whether it’s time for work or play. Our Learning Towers are designed to hold up to 250 lbs and are fitted with railings to ensure everyone stays secure. Each side is open below the railings for optimum mobility, and its stable design ensures it won’t tip over. Unfortunately, a Learning Tower can’t keep the playroom clean, but we can save you a shopping trip if you’re looking for more Montessori toys.

4. Laundry Rooms

Teach your kids the value of hard work by positioning your Little Helper Kitchen Tower in the laundry room! They might help fold clothes, pour the fabric softener, or just watch mom and dad handle this important household chore. The tower sits perfectly flush with the washer and dryer or any countertops in the laundry room. This way, you can show them how laundry is done and they’ll be able to see the whole process from a careful vantage point.

Even if you hate doing laundry, there’s always a lesson to be taught and a simple joy to be had with a Learning Tower in the room. Your best bud will get to participate and turn a seemingly tedious job into a silly stress release. And of course, as our dos and don’ts guide describes, adult supervision is necessary during any activity involving one of our towers, including laundry day!

Empower Your Littles with a Tower Today

Kitchen time with the kids is so special, but your Little Helper Kitchen Tower doesn’t have to sit idle after the cooking stops. It’s an adaptable and useful product for families who want their children to thrive from the start. This tower is a wonderfully flexible addition to any room that raises your little one up to all your up-high adult spaces. Soon, you’ll be asking yourselves how you ever lived without one!

All of our Little Partners Learning Towers function as both tools and toys for a reason: they’re designed with the Montessori tradition in mind, giving kids the opportunity to experience things at an adult eye level while inspiring them to be adventurous and have fun with their newfound height. It provides certified safe independence anywhere in your home so they can explore your world securely and collaboratively. Happy memory-making!

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