Getting Started with Your Learning Tower

A Guide To Getting Started With Your Learning Tower

So you’ve decided to invest in a Little Partners® Learning Tower? Congratulations! You and your little one are going to have a fantastic time exploring all the new spaces and activities it’s going to open up for your family.

Of course, the Learning Tower is a different kind of product to introduce to your toddler; it’s not just another plastic toy or disposable plaything. It’s a bridge into those enriching adult-height spaces where you spend so much of your time. We want all our families to get the best, most enriching start you possibly can, because once you do, the Learning Tower is going to be a totally new and exciting experience for everyone!


A Few Little Thoughts


When it comes to introductions we have plenty of ideas, but honestly? We’re happy to let our families speak for us. The feedback we get from them is incredibly important. Every single child is different, and their unique experiences with our Learning Tower and our other products are the real story of Little Partners.



Our Learning Towers help your little one explore safely!

Here are some reflections you can draw on when you’re getting started with your Learning Tower. 


1. Your Child Leads the Way!


Sometimes, kids just know what to do. Several of our families have simply put the Learning Tower in the room and their child got straight to work! That was Timothy B's experience.

“Amazing! We love this tower! Our little one figured out how to climb in almost immediately and loves to get up and see what we're doing at the counter. It's just the right size for our space, and has enough room for when we have more than one kiddo to get into it!”

Great! Hopefully your experience will be that easy too!


2. Introduce it to Fill a Need


Introduce the Learning Tower to help your family, both now and in the future.

In many cases, our families are drawn to the tower because their child is expressing a need they would like to meet. Kimberley L purchased a Learning Tower because her two-year-old’s desire to join her in those up-high spaces was killing her back.

My 6-month pregnant back and body thank me for getting this item. Instead [of] grabbing my legs and saying “up, up”, he is now content climbing his “stool” which he calls it to get to counter level. This Learning Tower fosters independence, is extremely sturdy, adjusts heights, and can easily hold two kids.”

It was a perfect marriage. Once their young one understood the Learning Tower was the way to get access instead of being picked up, everything fell into place. Would you agree, Kimberley?

“Game Changer! Our two-year-old practically lives in this thing. He eats his snacks and usually demands to eat lunch in it too. He is a very curious toddler who always wants to see what Mom and Dad are cooking on the counter. Now he can watch and even participate in making meals, washing dishes, ect.” 


3. Create a Secure Experience

Create a safe, secure place to explore with the Learning Tower.

Some of us can be a little anxious about heights. Particularly if your child has had a few sub-optimal experiences, using the Learning Tower as a confidence-builder can be extremely rewarding. 

Sona A had bought a product that didn’t work so well, and the stability and security the Learning Tower offered was instrumental in rebuilding her child’s confidence.

“Stable and safe. This is the second kitchen tower I bought for my granddaughter at my house. The first one, a bamboo one, toppled over her twice when she tried to climb it. It was too light. This one is so sturdy & stable, it gives me peace of mind. Highly recommend.”

Reviews like this are extremely valuable for Little Partners as a company, but they’re even more important for our families. There’s nothing positive and enriching about an unsafe activity, and it’s why we invest so much time and effort ensuring our products are safe, secure, and stable.

Your child is literally standing on us. We get it.


3. Think of the Activities You Want to Share

Encourage independence and foster creativity with the Learning Tower.

These are the reviews that give us wings. We absolutely love reading about the activities our families get up to with our Learning Tower, and the best part? You’re all much more creative than us! We learn new ways our products can make life better for toddlers and parents every day.

“My kids love standing on the tower to help with baking or dinner prep. Much better (and safer) than the chair I had them standing on!!” —Shawna R

“Kid visitors love trying it out, my own kids have climbed, danced, eaten, and cooked. It’s sturdy and doesn’t wiggle or wobble. It’s easy to adjust as your child grows.” —Aurielle S


“So safe!...For me, the most important thing was buying a product that would be sturdy and last a long time. My son is so happy that he now gets to help out in the kitchen, and I am so happy to have an option for him to help safely. This was a great purchase for the whole family.” —Luke M


“My very physical toddler loves their tower. Honestly it’s the only thing that gives me a few minutes to wash the dishes or make dinner. They can eat a little snack and love to climb up themself and we have the magnet board attachment which they have fun with”. —Ayana F


“Great product. We have loved it so far. It’s been safe, sturdy, Fairly easy to assemble. It’s been the perfect area for her to eat her meals in while I do dishes, clean etc.—Ayebatari S

Getting Off on the Right Foot With Little Partners

At Little Partners, we’re thrilled to be a part of helping families bond and connect by opening up all sorts of new spaces and activities to share. We know how valuable the ideas and experiences of people just like you will be as you’re getting started with your Learning Tower.

We want to answer all your questions: feel free to reach out to our Customer Care team anytime you need some advice or support with one of our products!

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