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From Experienced Mommy:

"Little Partner’s 3-in-1 Growing step stool is a long-lasting option. It’s well built and pretty sturdy. I mean it can hold up to 250 pounds! Safe to say I know adults will be using it as well."

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From Baby & Kids:

"The Learning Tower from Little Partners, which was designed to allow kids to stand at counter height and help parents in the kitchen, can be transferred into a puppet theatre, dollhouse, drive thru or lemonade stand with the Playhouse Kit."

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From Creative Play Retailer:

"The Learning Tower allows both the child and parent to feel secure and allow them together to learn, create, participate and unite on an equal level whether making a salad, cookies, washing hands or doing arts and crafts projects. And the Learning Tower was designed to adjust in seconds as your child grows from 18-months to around 6 years old."

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From Parenting New Hampshire:

"The Learning Tower is a simple way to help toddlers in the conquest of their new world. Constructed of sturdy, high-quality birch, The Learning Tower is made to last, its four-sided design and roomy platform fosters both child and caregivers' feelings of safety while enabling the child's desire to be independent and inquisitive."

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From Flagler Parent:

"The Learning Tower has been carefully designed to provide a secure environment for a child's imagination to be stimulated and blossom."

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From Experienced Mommy:

"Little Partners Learning Tower Kids Step Stool is a unique option. This large step stool is a more sedentary option for those parents that need a kitchen-only stool. The surround style of this stool makes it perfect for toddlers on the younger end of the spectrum."

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From Volusia Parent:

"It's design nurtures a child's innate desire to be independent, and to participate alongside his or her parents and siblings."

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"It's designed with a platform that can be lowered as children grow so they can always be at counter height — the perfect height for helping Mom with the dishes, or stirring a bowl of batter. The Learning Tower has also been cleverly designed to turn into an art easel or playhouse. Let the fun begin!"

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From Babycouture:

"The best place for a kid to start learning about responsibility and teamwork is at home, particularly in the kitchen – the Fascinating Land of Yummy Creations. Feed your child’s curiosity and let him join in the fun with The Learning Tower, a sturdy platform that safely boosts kids to countertop levels."

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From The Compleat Mother:

"Winner of Dr. Toy's Best 10 Active Toys, The Learning Tower can also be used as a sturdy desk, fort, or puppet theater. The stable, no-tip design wipes clean easily and fits flush against average countertops...toddlers get a step-up in the world of culinary delights."

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Customer Reviews

The Original Learning Tower

A great product and great company!!!!Joe

The perfect helper for those children who enjoy helping their parents in the kitchen, whether it is doing dishes, baking cookies, or just feeling involved and seeing what is going on. Very well constructed with only the finest material (natural wood!) and so easy to assemble. It is solid built to last a very long time and you can easily see the time that was put into it. They even provide an extra allen key and extra screws. What's more, the packaging in unreal in that the pieces are packed ever so carefully and cushioned all around so that they don't shift during transport. What I really like is that the box clearly states and instructs you to examine the package to make sure that everything is OK. This is a company where the owner wants to make sure that your product arrived intact and to reach out to her with any questions or concerns. We believe in providing only the best quality products for our child (no plastics, BPA free, and not made in another far away country) and if that means paying a little extra, so be it. Little Partners is the type of company that we wish there was more of not only because we believe in the products, but more importantly in the people who won it and the unbelievable customer service they provide. Love it - Love it - Love it!!!!!!!

Favourite Nanny Tool for Toddlers!!Catlin

I use this daily as a nanny and has been a sturdy kitchen helper, a fun play tower, a hideout for special treasures and a crafting station at the table. Highly highly recommend!!! I have used it with a 2 year old and a 3 year old and felt so much safer doing cooking or crafting projects with them in towers than on a chair with one side!! I think it gives cautious children, especially, a feeling of security and independence as well! :)


Purchased this as a request by my daughter for my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter who always wants to help in the kitchen. They both LOVE it! Granddaughter enjoys climbing in and out, being counter height to help, and sometimes just enjoys curling up in it and reading a book or playing with a toy. It was pricey, but is sturdy and excellent quality Assembly was fast and easy. I give this an A+.

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Deluxe Learning Tower

This is a great product. Many of my friends use the Learning ...Bonnie Lovett

This is a great product. Many of my friends use the Learning Tower to help their littles ones get involved in kitchen activities. It adjusts up and down easily, and is very sturdy and heavy. The paint is nice and think, and wipes down very easily. The price is a bit high for a few pieces of wood, but I am sure it will be used in my household for many years to come.

The tower was easy to put togetherAmazon Customer

I bought this for my 18 month old grandson. He loves it! And so do his parents! The tower was easy to put together, made of high quality wood, and is very sturdy. This is perfect for children ages 18 months and up allowing them to help in the kitchen. My grandson was always so anxious waiting for his morning smoothie to be prepared and now he enjoys being up on the tower and pressing the buttons on the blender. And now he is safe (not sitting on the counter) so his parents feel free to move about the kitchen to grab another ingredient from the refrigerator. Now he can help mommy and daddy make meals everyday! I know it will be used for years to come...what a great investment!


Love, love, love the Learning Tower! We've only had it for a couple of months but I honestly can't remember what we did without it! My 18 month old is able to climb in and out of it safely and easily and we are confident that she is safe when she is inside of it. It is a heavy, sturdy piece of furniture and pretty sizable in our small urban kitchen but totally worth it. The kitchen and cooking are such a big part of our home life and it has changed the dynamic now that she is able to engage with us there. A side benefit which we hadn't considered when we purchased was that my daughter enjoys eating her snacks in her tower. Since we have struggled a great deal to get our picky little eater to sample anything, this was a great plus! A couple of other things to mention- there aren't too many crevices on the learning tower so it is easier to clean than, say, our high chair, which is impossible. Also, there is an adjustable height option which will be really great as our daughter grows. I'm sad that the price point is prohibitive to many families. Every family would benefit from the Learning Tower.

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Explore n Store Learning Tower

Best PurchaseAmazon Customer

Our two year old loves this! It allows him to be involved in whatever we are doing in the kitchen! He pushes it to where ever he wants to be and just steps up! Now we are able to do dishes and cook/bake without trying to hold him or put him on the counter. It is sturdy enough to hold me as well! One side note....if your cabinets/island do not have the lip underneath the stool will stick out a little and toddlers could potentially fall between the cabinet and stool.

Must have!!Ashley quick

Best purchase ever!! My 17 month old daughter loves climbing and standing on chairs and she chooses this most of the time. She’ll eat or do projects while I’m cooking. This is a life saver. I only wish I got it sooner. The product is sturdy and not too large. We have a small kitchen and I don’t bump into it like I thought I was going to. Worth every penny!!

So Much Fun With This! Great Addition To Our Home!Jlu

I've always wanted a Learning Tower but wasn't sure we had the space for one. When I heard about this new one (smaller, storage space & folds easily) we ordered it right away. The natural color matches our kitchen really well and it fits perfectly by one or or counters so it's never in the way. My two year old is obsessed with it. She pushes it around the house so that she can brush her teeth in the bathroom, if I'm in the kitchen doing anything she wants to join in. I've really noticed her kitchen vocabulary growing because she can get her hands on everything now - great if you have a little helper that isn't quite tall enough to see what's happening at counter height!!

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Tri-Side Art Easel

We're very happy with how sturdy it's built Scott D. Koon

My son received this for Christmas. We're very happy with how sturdy it's built. It didn't take all that long to put together either. Lots of options for him to be creative and I know he'll be able to enjoy it for years to come. It's also easy to adjust the height, so if you have snake children it will definitely grow with them!

This easel is better than expectedErin L

This easel is better than expected! I love the multiple sides since I have more than one child - my 3 & 4.5 year old play with this every day! Very sturdy and well made!

My daughter absolutely love it. Wasn't very difficult to put it togetherIryna

My daughter absolutely love it. Wasn't very difficult to put it together. Fair price and quality.

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Deluxe Art Easel

Very good quality, sturdy materialsRebekah Gibbs

Very good quality, sturdy materials. Bought for my daughters 2nd birthday and she loves this easel! White board wipes clean, doesn't absorb color, a little tall for my 2 year old but she will be able to use it for years. Love that it comes with a paper roll and the clips really help. The storage area is also nice for helping keep the easel tidy when not in use. Would definitely recommend, worth the price because it will last a really long time.

Love!Michelle Lee Strickland

I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my daughter so I decided to put it together when I received my order to make sure nothing was missing or broken. It was very simple to assemble and everything matched up perfectly. This easel is great quality and simply adorable! I will be recommending this product to all of my friends with children!

Love this well made easel.Lindsey

This easel is awesome. It is made with real wood, real hardware and is way heavier duty then most of the ones i have seen. I have 4 kids that are hard on things and this easel is great for them. I love that it came with extra clips for when the inevitable happens and some get lost. I also love how it comes with the 2 fabric bins for storing supplies. It is a great height for various ages as my big kids range in age from 2 -7 years and everyone can use it easily. Overall we are extremely happy with our purchase!!

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Learn n Share Easel

Buy itRudy sims

Definitely worth the but an exactly what i was wanting

One of our favorite purchasesD&B

Kids love this attachment to their safety stool! Love the different varieties it offers too. And love that it adds another layer to their safety while up there. Definitely recommend getting this if you get the safety stool!

Works great!Customer

We didn’t have any issues with assembly like others said. Nothing split for us. We did go ahead and use washers ahead of time to curb any splitting potential tho. The kids have been enjoying it. My only comment is I wish the backside was wood and not this white. It’s kind of an eye sore and the kids think it’s something they can draw on like the rest.

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My First Art Easel

A Fun Learning Tool!Melissa H

My child is in preschool and this easel is the perfect size for him to practice his writing skills. The lines on the blackboard side (it is black not blue) make it easy for him to practice his uppercase and lowercase letters. He loves drawing on the white board side and it is magnetic which makes it fun for him to play with all of his magnets as well. Magnets and dry erase markers are not included. I feel like the price was very affordable for the quality of the product. It is made with real wood and it doesn't take up too much space. It did take me about 20 minutes to assemble but all the holes lined up nicely and it feels very sturdy. The directions for assembly were very clear and all the materials were marked accordingly. I would buy this product again.

Five StarsCircleSeven

Good directions- took me only 15min to put together. I actually ordered for Christmas- but decided to open because we now have family coming for thanksgiving. Easel is sturdy. Our son has already painted 3 pictures.

A high quality product at a great price!Tyler Baker

This is the perfect easel for our preschool-aged daughter! I love that it offers so many functions. She especially loves using the white board, and the permanent lines on the chalk board are great for writing skill practice. I also really like that it is not too bulky and was fairly easy to assemble. When comparing it to other easels it definitely seems to be the best value out there. Our daughter absolutely loves it and has already gotten tons of use out of it. I would highly recommend this easel!

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3-in-1 Growing Step Stool

Great for kid's roomJennifer Perrin

Incredibly easy to assemble. I put this together by myself for my son's room so he has easy access to toys that are a bit higher up in his bins. He loves it too, especially the cute footprint stickers.

Perfect for our 2 year old granddaughterNancy Haase

Perfect for our 2 year old granddaughter! She loves her new independence on washing her hands. It is easier to put together with 2 people to help. All parts were included and shipped on time.

Great product - functional for whole family Alice C

This product is really great quality and construction. We purchased it for our 2-year-old to be able to help out in the kitchen. He was so thrilled when he first stood on it and could see and reach things on the counter. Our 10 and 7 year old girls can also use this stool to help put away dishes into cabinets/shelves they could not reach before having it. I have found that I can also use it as a step stool to reach high places. It is sturdy, stable (doesn't slide away easily) and well built. the only drawback is that you have to move it in order to open your drawers (because the handles go up to counter height). I totally get it was designed this way for safety - it is merely an inconvenience and not a barrier to use or purchase of the product.

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Reach Up Step Stool

Heavy and durableSpring

Perfect step stool to help my 2.5 year old get up onto his high rise bed! We don’t move it much as it is pretty heavy

Great product!Sandra Greiner

Impressed with the quality of the wood and very sturdy. I even feel safe using it so I know my son will be safe. Very easy to assemble.

This was particularly useful for my toddler nephew and being able to reach ...Chris Lee

This was particularly useful for my toddler nephew and being able to reach things in high places as well as using it as a play thing. The quality of the material was very good and the construction was sturdy and well put together. I can tell this product will last a long time and will not break when my nephew (or even myself) steps down on it.

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2-in-1 Step Stool

Love it!Amazon Customer

I have to admit, I'm using this step up stool more for me than my child! I'm on the short side and couldn't comfortably put her down in her crib, but this very sturdy and cute stool has made it so much easier. It also looks well made and not too cutesy. It was also pretty easy to put together. Will have this for years and will be used by me and my little one.

Adjustable step stoolJMCar

This will be used by the grand kids when they’re here, to brush their teeth, just like when at home. The youngest one, a year old, has already claimed it as seat for herself when wants to take a break from playing. The stool was easy to put together and is very sturdy! Will also be used in the kitchen for reaching higher shelves.

Strong, reliable, safe for kidsScott brown

Very surprised how well this step up is. My fiancé who is 5’4” actually uses this just as much as our friends kids when they come over. Very durable and very well crafted. Great for kids and great for small adults who need help reaching the top shelf!! It is really fun watching our friends child, Amelia, use this as shells learning to stand up. We live the color also as it matches our kitchen color.

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My First Cubby

Very sturdyJenna

Love this for my school aged girls!! Helps with staying organized :)

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Playhouse Kits

Well made and adjustibleJanet C. Redding

I am looking forward to using the Learning Tower to teach my oldest grandson to cook. When his twin brothers are old enough, the Tower will accommodate both boys so I can keep them safe in one place while I have them help.

Gift for my Grandson.Gail Zukov

I purchased the "Little Partners Playhouse Kit - Puppet Theatre/Popcorn Stand" for my 15 month old grandson at the request of his mother. It is very well built and heavy so it is not easily tipped over when in use. He gets lots of play value with the stand and with the additional items I purchased. Artist easel with a blackboard and magnetic board along with markers, chalk and puppets.

Very good quality.Mary G

My grandson just loves both sides. Very good quality.

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