Our Story

Helping Imaginations Grow Since 1992

Little Partners strives to help parents and caregivers create environments that nurture young children and provide ample opportunities for kids to learn independence through exploration, interaction, and play.

Founded in 1992 by mom and Montessori-trained educator Carol Gamble, Little Partners began with Gamble’s close observation of her then toddler-age daughter, Hanna. Gamble noted that there were a good many tasks Hanna was capable of and desiring to complete by herself, but she lacked the appropriate environment in which to do so. With this in mind, Gamble set out to design what would become the Original Learning Tower, an adjustable-height platform offering quality, safety, and most importantly, a space for toddlers to act independently as well as interact with adults.

Today, Little Partners has grown to include a variety of products designed to nurture a child’s blossoming independence. In addition to the original Learning Tower and recently launched Limited Edition Learning Tower, Little Partners offers easels, art centers, step stools, cubbies, safety gates and other fun accessories. Through all of its thoughtfully designed products, Little Partners strives to maintain Gamble’s original intent of providing safe environments and ample opportunities for kids to learn independence through exploration, interaction, and play.