Essential Toddler Bedroom Furniture

Essential Toddler Bedroom Furniture

The toddler years are some of the very best, and part of what makes them so wonderful is that they are finally able to use their little legs to move around and explore. There’s no shortage of running, jumping, and following you around the house to discover all the things you have to share, and that means creating environments that will give them everything they need to experience those exciting colors, tastes, smells, and textures!

One of the first places to start is their bedroom, and for the first time in their lives, they can enjoy a space that’s not just about function and safety. In addition to all the toys they’ll spread to every corner of the room, toddler bedroom furniture is the perfect starting point for creating a practical and enriching space to grow. 

Of course, there are a lot of cheap plastic products you can buy at big box stores that any child can use, but they rarely last, they’re often made with harmful chemicals, and they fill your child’s senses with artificial experiences that aren’t good for the environment or their development. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise on quality just because some furniture is essential. Your child deserves a room full of safe and fun beds, chairs, and tables that will bring their world to life and preserve it for years to come. Here’s our top picks for the best toddler bedroom furniture!

1. Little Partners L’il House Toddler Bed

Lil House Toddler Bed

A bedroom without a bed is just a room! It’s the most important piece of toddler bedroom furniture you’ll ever buy, and that means it should deliver a great night’s sleep as well as a fun and independent space to play. 

Naturally, toddlers have graduated from the crib, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little support now and again. The L’il House Toddler Bed is designed with stylish wooden rails to make sure they don’t fall off no matter where their dreams take them. Its low-to-the-ground design makes it easy for them to get up and down whenever they want, as well as creating an accessible space for all their daytime adventures. 

And you know what else? It’s stylish! This bed will get their brains churning about the connection between practicality and beauty, and the slats on the headboard roof give them plenty of space to decorate. 

2. Little Partners Learn ‘N Store Cubby

Little Partners Learn N Share Cubby

You probably learned quickly that if you don’t give your little buddy somewhere to keep their things they’re going to end up all over the house. This cubby teaches them that organization is both a helpful task and a fun way to interact with their surroundings. 

Built with their size in mind, the Learn ‘N Store Cubby has a built-in bench that lets them sit comfortably while they learn to tie their shoes or read a book. It’s got enough hooks to handle all their coats and rain gear, as well as space for bags, art supplies, and anything else they need to keep within easy reach.

And because it’s Greenguard Gold Certified and built to last with high-quality wood, it’s easy to clean and will be ready for the next toddler who needs some storage space.

3. Little Partners Deluxe Learn ‘N Store Cubby

Little Partners Deluxe Learn 'N Share Cubby

If your toddler loves the original Learn ‘N Store and they’re ready to graduate to the next level, the deluxe model by Little Partners offers the same functional and eco-friendly construction with additional opportunities to explore. 

This model is designed to offer additional flexibility with storage and comes with two closing doors on the lower cubbies to help reign in all those markers and pens. It also features two moveable bins on top to make sure the things you keep up high stay securely where you put them. And like all LIttle Partners toddler bedroom furniture, the Deluxe Learn ‘N Store Cubby is environmentally friendly and guaranteed safe and non-toxic. 

A Few More Options to Round Out the Room

Of course, there are a lot of smaller pieces you can add to your toddler’s space that are practical, educational, and give them plenty of opportunities to explore and grow. Low pictures, push lights that brighten their smiles as well as their environment, toy bins for independent play, a quality Montessori shelf for all their books, and a super sturdy wall-mounted dresser all add flair and functionality to their soon-to-be-favorite room in the house! 

Like anything you give your child, you’ll want to make sure you invest in eco-friendly construction, safety-first design, and a sustainable philosophy that will make it last for years to come. 

Creating the Perfect Toddler Bedroom Space

Every stage of development is an important milestone for your child, and those toddler years are some of the most unforgettable. The things your little one explores as they begin filling their head with information will leave a lasting impact, and toddler bedroom furniture can be the gateway to turning the everyday into the forever. 

Little Partners knows how much the details matter, and that’s why we’re committed to creating products that are safe and sustainable as well as fun! We use all-natural products that are designed to last a lifetime, so the memories you create today can be made anew when they have a toddler of their own. 

Visit our store today and get your toddler’s imagination growing!
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