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Climbing Ladder
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The perfect addition to our Little Partners® Learn 'N Climb Triangle, Learning Tower™ and LTD Edition Learning Tower™. Double the adventure with the Little Partners® Climbing Ladder! Negotiating and placement of your child's body to successfully grip the climbing rungs will help build confidence and strength. Our Climbing Ladder features a smooth rungs for easy climbing, Little Partners® products for safe climbing and exploration by children ages three and up.


  • LITTLE PARTNERS® Climbing Ladder is an accessory that attaches to our Learn 'N Climb™ Triangle, Learning Tower, and LTD Edition Learning Towers
  • Add the Climbing Ladder to your home, Montessori or Waldorf classroom for added play.
  • In addition to the secure hooks on both ends to attach to our Triangle and Learning Towers, we offer two safety straps for added security and peace-of mind.
  • Use the Climbing Ladder as a bridge between two Triangles for even more ways to play!
  • Minimal Assembly
  • Holds up to 200lbs.