Safe Toys for a Toddler Who Chews on Everything

Safe Toys for a Toddler Who Chews on Everything

Safe Toys for a Toddler Who Chews on Everything

Parents of two- to three-year-olds know the constant challenge of trying to keep them from putting things in their mouth: from fistfuls of dirt, to stuffed animals, to their own clothing, it’s not an easy task to prevent a determined toddler from chewing on random surrounding items.

But this behavior comes from a place of curiosity, as toddlers are especially eager to understand the world around them. Specific sensory input through different tastes and textures helps them explore, so it’s totally natural that they end up with a toy or two between their incoming baby teeth at any given time. (Unfortunately, teething is another culprit behind this habit!)

As parents, we can minimize the risk of illness or other health-related complications from mouthing by being selective with those toys. After all, it’s inevitable that your toddler will chew on the things around them, which is why it’s extra important to ensure that they have safe toys. 

Luckily, Little Partners has plenty of high-quality accessories for your little one that support their skill development safely and effectively! Here’s everything you need to know to make your child’s environment as safe and interactive as possible.  

First: Why Little Partners?

It’s simple—we prioritize safety and quality above all else. Our Greenguard Gold Certification applies to every single Little Partners product, and for good reason: it’s a guarantee that your family will receive the safest toys possible. Each of our products also comes with a lifetime warranty, A.K.A. unbeatable trust and peace of mind!

Little Partners is committed to preserving the future for the little superstars we build for, which is why we follow an eco-friendly approach to toy design. Caring for the environment and caring for each other go hand in hand, and it’s been a value for us since day one. 

Finally, we’re inspired by the Montessori tradition that empowers kids to take an active role in their own learning. As such, we give them the tools they need to succeed from an early age, and part of that exploration includes teething and tasting. Our safety certifications ensure they’re supported with healthy, sustainable products no matter where we meet them in their development. 

So, without further adieu, these are some of our top choices for any child who loves to chew while they explore!

Get Creative… Little Partners Easels

Artistically inclined toddlers with a knack for gnawing love our unique easels, and the Peek-A-Boo Art Easel is a standout. Its clear plexiglass surface allows for double-sided fun and easy cleanup at the end of the day. Parents and children alike are fans of this easel’s accessible and innovative style. 

The materials in our easels (and our towers, triangles, chairs, etc.) are non-toxic, meaning that even the chewing-obsessed can participate without worry. It’s an aesthetic yet functional outlet for toddlers who want to express themselves and engage their senses with truly safe toys.

Get Elevated… Little Partners Learning Towers

The Learning Tower is our signature product, and the Chef Series Learning Tower offers a boost to curious toddlers in the kitchen while maintaining stringent safety regulations for durability, stability, and purity. Like our other popular towers, it’s adjustable and easy to customize, with a myriad of potential uses.

Giving them a “seat at the table” for the cooking process is a neat way to expand their imagination and teach them valuable lessons at counter height. Plus, biting into some yummy food is an excellent substitute for biting into their toys!

Of course, wooden toys in general are a reliable option for chew-happy tots, but the origins of their materials matter. Little Partners only uses birch and poplar woods that are EPA TSCA Title VI compliant, so you know our towers are 100% safe for your kids. 

Get Climbing… Little Partners 2-in-1 Climbing Ramp/Slide

One of the coolest aspects of our Learning Towers is their versatility, including the various attachments you can get to revolutionize your child’s playtime experience—and the 2-in-1 Climbing Ramp/Slide is a prime example! This multipurpose addition to your Learning Tower brings a touch of whimsy, with dual sides for climbing up or sliding down.

It’s an eco-friendly toy addition to your Learning Tower as well as a chew-friendly one since it’s built with sustainability and health in mind while still benefiting kids who like to gum things. And in addition to its positive environmental legacy, the 2-in-1 attachment actually bolsters your toddler’s confidence in themselves by fostering self-sufficiency and confidence. Toys like these set kids up for success!

Get Moving… Little Partners Learn ‘N Balance Set

Another really fun yet safe toy is our Learn ‘N Balance Set, a low-stakes balance beam that can be configured to accommodate whatever activity your child imagines. Not only does it sharpen their spatial motor skills, but it also teaches them about colors, numbers, and shapes if you add on our Step ‘N Learn Stepping Stones.

And if kids aren’t feeling the physical movement? No problem! With how adaptive our toys are, there’s no limit to the possibilities for play. In a snap, the Balance Set acts as a roadway for toy cars or a runway for dolls. Maybe it can even simulate the Great Wall of China in a history lesson!

It’s a dynamic piece of furniture in your toddler’s bedroom that also gives them a chance to prepare for future endeavors such as preschool or kindergarten. With our Balance Set in the mix, your toddler will be so occupied with moving their feet that they won’t think about chewing!

The Little Partners Safety Guarantee

Parents with toddlers who tend to chew on everything, rest assured that your Little Partners merchandise is the safest available. Our toys also enable kids to partake in activities they otherwise wouldn’t have access to, so in true Montessori fashion, they have more opportunities to be included and better themselves. 

And in support of their health today and their future tomorrow, we hold our products to the highest standards so that your family can make memories that last. It’s a philosophy that’s earned us the coveted Greenguard Gold Certification, among many accolades for both safety and quality. 

With Little Partners, you’re part of our family too, and giving safe toys to your toddler is of the utmost importance. Check out our wide range of products today!
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