Art Easels for Kids

Art Easels for Kids: Top Options and How to Use Them


Art is a powerful tool for children’s development. It not only fosters creativity but also enhances fine motor skills, boosts self-confidence, and provides a medium for self-expression.


The Montessori philosophy emphasizes the importance of hands-on, self-directed activities, and art is a perfect fit. Well-designed art easels for kids allow children to explore, experiment, and create at their own pace, encouraging independence and a love for learning.


At Little Partners, we understand the significance of art in a child’s development. Our easels are designed to provide a fun, engaging, and safe space for your little ones to unleash their creativity.


With six innovative art easels to choose from, let’s explore their unique features and how to use them so your aspiring Da Vinci can get busy creating.




Deluxe Learn ‘N Play Art Center Easel



The Deluxe Learn’ N Play Art Center Easel by Little Partners® is a creative powerhouse designed to unleash the brilliant artist within your child. This 3-in-1 easel features a chalkboard, a magnetic dry-erase board, and a paper feeder, offering a variety of platforms for your child to express their creativity.


Constructed with a sturdy A-frame design made of layered pine, this easel is built to last, accompanying your child’s artistic journey through the years. It includes two wide shelves with two fabric-folding storage bins, providing ample space to keep art supplies organized and easily accessible.


The Deluxe Learn’ N Play Art Center Easel also includes craft paper clips within easy reach, expanding your child’s options for drawing and painting. These clips also provide a safe place for finished artwork to dry. To further enhance your child’s creative experience, the easel comes with one roll of paper, four non-spill paint cups, and an eraser.


How to use it-Simply set up the easel in a comfortable space, provide your child with art supplies, and let their imagination run wild. The chalkboard and magnetic whiteboard also make structured activities, like drawing shapes, letters, and numbers, a breeze.


Peek-A-Boo Art Easel



The Little Partners® Peek-A-Boo Art Easel is a unique and innovative easel that offers a transparent canvas for your child’s creativity. This easel features a two-sided, transparent acrylic board, allowing your child to color, paint, play, and experiment with a variety of different mediums. The clever transparent Peek-A-Boo design sparks your child’s imagination as they can draw or paint their friends, family, or even their favorite teddy bear!


This easel also features built-in storage for easy access to art supplies and a shelf that includes an eraser and four spill-proof paint cups so your kiddo has everything they need at their fingertips.


In addition, the adjustable height starts out low, making it perfect for young, budding artists, and can be raised as your child grows.


How to use it-The Peek-A-Boo Art Easel is designed for use with dry-erase markers, whiteboard markers, and watercolor paints, allowing your child to experiment and play with different mediums. Please note that normal markers or washable markers are not recommended for use on the transparent plexiglass surface.


Tri-Sided Art Center 


The Tri-Sided Art Center is a fantastic option for families with multiple children or for those who want to provide a variety of creative outlets. This unique easel offers three different surfaces to create on— a chalkboard, a magnetic dry-erase board with a refillable roll of paper, and a felt board, encouraging collaborative play as multiple children can use different sides at the same time.


The functionality of this easel is second to none, with each side’s height being independently adjustable, allowing children of different ages to enjoy the artistic experience at the same time. And parents will love the four non-spill paint containers and the large bottom shelf to keep everything organized and clean.


How to use it-Set up the Tri-Sided Art Center in a spacious area and provide your child with a range of art supplies. They can draw on the chalkboard, practice writing on the dry-erase board, paint a masterpiece, or create scenes with felt shapes on the felt board. Encourage your child to explore the different surfaces and to create art with friends or siblings.


Learning Tower® Learn ‘N Share Easel 


The Learning Tower® Learn ‘N Share Easel is an engaging addition to your child’s creative space. Designed to easily attach to the Original Learning Tower® and the Limited Edition Learning Tower®, this easel expands the versatility of your tower, providing an additional platform for creativity and learning.


The Learn ‘N Share Easel features an oversized chalkboard surface, perfect for your child’s sketches, doodles, and masterpieces. But the creativity doesn’t stop there. It also includes a slide-out board that enlarges the work area for multiple projects or additional play buddies. The dual-sided slide-out board features a magnetic whiteboard on one side and a felt activity board on the other.


With a magnetic paper holder, allowing your child to secure paper for painting, drawing, or writing, and two no-spill paint cups, an eraser, and mesh basket storage, your child will have everything they need for their artistic endeavors.


How to use it-Attach the Learn’ N Share Easel to your Learning Tower and provide your child with various art supplies. They can use the chalkboard for creating a menu while you cook, the magnetic whiteboard for writing or magnetic activities, and the felt board for tactile play. The slide-out design allows for easy switching between activities, and the additional work area is perfect for collaborative play.


Contempo Art Easel 


The Little Partners® Contempo Art Easel is a sleek and modern addition to your child’s creative space. This easel features a two-sided design with a chalkboard on one side and a magnetic whiteboard on the other, offering a large and versatile surface for your child to color, paint, play, and experiment with different mediums. And your kiddo will love the built-in magnetic strip for holding paper and an eraser.


The Contempo Art Easel is designed with your child’s growth in mind. The adjustable height starts out low (10.5 inches from the ground), making it perfect for tiny artists, and it can be raised as your child grows.


This easel also features built-in storage for easy access to art supplies, ensuring your child has everything they need to get creative. And the easel shelf comes with four spill-proof paint cups and helps to keep art supplies organized.


How to use it-Set up the Contempo Art Easel in your child’s play area and provide them with a range of art supplies. They can use the chalkboard for imaginative doodles and the magnetic whiteboard for writing or having fun with magnets, and the magnetic strip can hold the canvas for their next painting masterpiece.


Artist EZ Easel 


Unleash your child’s creativity with the Little Partners® Artist EZ Easel. When it comes to art easels for kids, it doesn’t get easier than this! This unique easel is designed to be super EZ to assemble, taking less than 15 minutes, with only eight screws needed.


The Artist EZ Easel offers a 3-in-1 art platform with a two-sided design featuring a chalkboard, a whiteboard (not magnetic), and a refillable paper roll for drawing or painting. In addition to the easel’s creative features, it also includes storage shelves for organization, two non-spill paint cups, an eraser, and paper clips, ensuring your child has everything they need ready to go.


How to use it-Assemble the Artist EZ Easel in your child’s play area using the provided screws. Once set up, provide your child with a variety of art materials and let the creative process unfold.


Little Partners: Empowering Your Child’s Creative Development


We understand the journey of parenting—the joy of watching your child create their first piece of art and the pride of seeing their confidence grow as they express themselves and develop their skills.


Art easels for kids are a fantastic way to encourage creativity and expression from a young age. Our easels are not just products but tools that facilitate these precious moments of growth.


Each easel is designed with love and a deep understanding of a child’s developmental needs. They are spaces where your child’s imagination can take flight, where a simple doodle can turn into a story, and where creativity is not just encouraged but celebrated.


At Little Partners, we believe every child is an artist, and we’re here to help them shine.

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