Folding Learning Tower

Reduce the Clutter With the New Folding Learning Tower

We’ve all been there—tripping over a step stool while trying to prepare dinner or stumbling upon a pile of toys in the living room. And at that moment, we wish for a magic wand to wave away all the clutter and free up space, all while keeping our little ones engaged and safe.


If this sounds like your daily predicament, you’ll love what’s coming next.


Enter the Learn ‘N Fold™ Learning Tower® by Little Partners®. It’s the versatile, space-saving solution for every home that cherishes the balance between learning and living.



Our new folding Learning Tower® boasts the same unrivaled functionality and quality you expect from Little Partners® in an innovative compact design.


We love what the Learn ‘N Fold™ has to offer and can’t wait to share it with you.


So, let’s dive straight in!


A Solution for Every Home 

We understand that while many parents love the idea of a Learning Tower®, not every home can accommodate a traditional model. The Learn ‘N Fold™ Learning Tower® is the perfect solution.


This innovative design maintains all the advantages of a traditional Learning Tower® but with a unique added benefit—it folds away when not in use. So whether your home is tight on space or you simply prefer a clutter-free environment, our new folding Learning Tower® ensures you don’t have to compromise on providing an enriching, hands-on learning experience for your child.



Are you familiar with the joys and chaos of meal prep with a toddler? Picture this—your little one, adorned with a chef hat, is standing beside you at the counter, armed with a whisk, ready to create the world’s best pancakes. They’re fully engaged, safely enclosed within the four-sided railings of the Learn ‘N Fold™ Learning Tower®.


And here’s the cherry on top—after your pancake-making adventure, this Learning Tower® simply folds up and tucks away neatly. No additional clutter. No tripping over another child-related item.


The Learn ‘N Fold™ Learning Tower® is the perfect ally for a clean, clutter-free home, enabling you to revert your kitchen to its pristine, pre-toddler-chef state in no time.


Compact Without Compromise 

But does a folding Learning Tower® compromise on safety and durability?


Not at all.

The Learn ‘N Fold™ locks securely in place, providing a stable and safe platform for your young adventurer. When not in use, it smoothly folds away, compact enough to store in a closet, pantry, or even under a bed. No magical wand required—just a brilliantly designed, child-friendly piece of furniture.


A Design That Grows With Your Child

One of the most incredible aspects of parenthood is watching our children grow and learn rapidly, particularly during these early, formative years. With each passing day, they conquer new skills, sprout a few inches taller, and discover the world around them with an insatiable curiosity.


We all know that with this rapid growth comes a host of challenges for us as parents. That shoe you bought last month suddenly doesn’t fit. The highchair they once comfortably sat in is now too small. It’s a constant race to keep up with their evolving needs.


Recognizing the rapid developmental pace of toddlers and young children, the Learn ‘N Fold™ Learning Tower® has been thoughtfully designed to grow with your child. The platform can be adjusted to two different height positions, allowing it to evolve with your child’s needs.


This means it can be a supportive friend to your tiny two-year-old discovering the thrill of mixing cookie dough and still be a reliable companion to your six-year-old, who is mastering the art of making their own sandwich.


Committed to Quality and Safety 

All this functionality would mean little without a commitment to safety and quality. Little Partners® prides itself on this commitment. The Learn ‘N Fold™ Learning Tower® is GREENGUARD GOLD CERTIFIED, rigorously tested for chemical emissions and VOCs, contributing to cleaner indoor air and a healthier environment for your child.


And constructed with the highest quality layered Birch and Poplar, it complies with EPA TSCA Title VI and FSC (Forest Stewardship Counsel) standards.


This product isn’t just child-friendly—it’s also environmentally conscious.


Give Your Kiddo a Step Up With the Learn ‘N Fold Learning Tower 


At the end of the day, we all want what’s best for our children—a safe, engaging learning environment that promotes independence and growth without turning your home into an obstacle course. The Learn ‘N Fold™ Learning Tower® offers this ideal balance. It’s a space where your child can safely explore and learn, and then, it conveniently folds away when the day’s adventures are done.



The team at Little Partners® is so excited about our new folding Learning Tower®. We want you to embrace the joy of hands-on learning, engaging your little one in everyday activities—without having to worry about clutter.


The Learn ‘N Fold™ Learning Tower® makes it all possible.

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