A Learning Tower empowers your toddler and encourages explorative play. We cover which tower is the best choice for your little adventurer.

How to Choose the Right Learning Tower For My Family

Toddlers are naturally adventurous, a whirlwind of energy with a growing desire to experience independence. Those sweet words "I do it!" become part of their regular vocabulary. However, balancing your toddler's innate drive to explore and learn while keeping them safe can be challenging.

The perfect solution? A well-designed Learning Tower that allows toddlers as young as 18 months the freedom to participate in daily activities safely. With different towers available to suit different needs, your family is sure to find one that supports and inspires your kiddo!

Why Toddlers Love Learning Towers 

A toddler's engagement with the world predominantly centers on sensory play and exploration. That’s why they constantly push the boundaries of their abilities to learn new skills and increase their independence. Learning through play and exploration is essential for a child's social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Recent research suggests that engaging your toddler in purposeful activities and sensory play  in the home environment may benefit their long-term cognitive development more than teaching the alphabet or even numbers!

Allowing toddlers to participate in daily life tasks empowers them to learn and builds self-confidence. For example, helping in the kitchen can aid in developing social skills through imitation, foster emotional intelligence through learning the art of helping, and present an opportunity to practice fine motor skills. It may seem like such a simple activity, but your toddler is learning skills that will benefit them throughout their life.

While you might see toddlers using a step stool, ladder, or chair to reach the bench height, this is not a safe and secure way for your little one to participate. Instead, a Learning Tower allows your curious kid to climb up to counter height and participate in activities safely.  

Learning Towers for Small Spaces


If you’re short on space and questioning where you would store a tower for your toddler, the Explore N' Store Learning Tower from Little Partners is for you. 

This model offers all the same safety benefits, including step locks and four-sided railings, and features a super-convenient folding step, making it the perfect option for smaller spaces. The Explore N' Store's compact design means your family can store the tower under a kitchen counter or island, freeing up valuable floor space. Its adjustable steps also mean the tower can grow with your child, assisting them in reaching the counter throughout their development. 

Learning Towers for a Growing Family

Do you remember what your home looked like before having children? Having little ones in the house can undoubtedly change the scenery! A Learning Tower should look sleek and attractive in the kitchen, not be an eyesore. 

The Original Learning Tower from Little Partners is an ideal combination of sleek design and functionality. It has a large platform that provides plenty of space for up to 2 little learners, making it the ideal choice for sibling fun and hours of explorative play. 

This fun tower features two steps and a large opening, making it easy for your little one to climb in and out, and the spacious platform adjusts to 4 heights allowing it to adapt to your child's growing needs.

Learning Towers for Aspiring Chefs 

When it’s time to really get hands-on in the kitchen, the Chef Series Learning Tower will take your kiddo's exploration and learning to the next level. 

This gorgeous tower is safe, functional, and boasts additional features designed to ignite your little one's imagination. A set of 8 cards complete with recipes and fun activities will encourage extended playtime and learning. At the same time, the plexiglass panel provides the perfect prompt for writing recipes, or maybe even creating a menu for your new café!

The Chef Series Learning Tower is compatible with other Little Partners accessories such as the Activity Board, Learn and Share Easel, and Playhouse Kits to encourage further stimulation and, of course, more fun!

Learning Towers for Future Artists

Art plays an essential role in play and learning. Sometimes your toddler wants nothing more than to grab a crayon and create a squiggly masterpiece. The Limited Edition Learning Tower will bring out the budding artist in your kid! 

With a chalkboard, shelf, eraser, and hanging paper clips, the tower inspires oodles of scribbling, drawing, and creativity. Additionally, this model features removable side panels that allow parents to create a fully contained space for a younger child. This added level of security gives you peace of mind with little ones who may not be ready to climb in and out of the tower independently.

Encouraging boundless imagination starts right here!

A Learning Tower opens a toddler to a world of opportunity and growth in a safe way, so your little one can confidently participate in daily activities that foster independence and promote optimal social, emotional, and cognitive development. 

Little Partners have been championing the importance of toddler development with their innovative tower designs for over 30 years. Crafted with care, skill, and a focus on safety, our towers add fun and style to any home. 

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