Ornament Making with Kids

Ornament Making with Kids

 Is there any better way to capture the magic of the holiday season than by spending some quality 1-on-1 time your little one? The holidays are all about making memories that will last a lifetime, and your child will love creating these fun and festive ornaments with you. These memorable crafts can be hung in windows, around the house, on plants and, if your family celebrates Christmas, on the Christmas tree!

Popsicle Stars

Materials needed: Popsicle sticks (suggest the wider size), glue, sparkly jewels (like this ), string or yarn, any other decorative craft material such as pompons, stickers, glitter, etc.

  • 1) Create a star shape by crossing 4 popsicle sticks at the center
  • 2) Glue each popsicle stick in place and let dry
  • 3) Decorate with desired craft materials
  • 4) Create a hanging loop with string or yarn and glue onto one popsicle stick end

Paper Chains

Materials needed: Construction paper (holiday colors or your choice), scissors, stapler or tape

  1. Cut 6”-8” strips of varying colors of construction paper
  2. Have your child arrange each color into corresponding piles. They can practice counting the number of strips in each pile
  3. Make a loop with a strip of construction paper and secure it with a staple, glue or tape
  4. Insert another strip (alternating colors) into the loop and secure with staple, glue or tape to create a chain
  5. Repeat step #8 until desired length is achieved
  6. Take it one step further and decorate the paper strips first. Have your child think of a special thought or memory and write it on a strip of paper before creating the loop

Pipe Cleaner Jingle Bells

  1. Materials needed:Pipe cleaners (holiday colors would be best!) and jingle bells
  2. Thread the pipe cleaners through the jingle bells counting the number of strips in each pile
  3. You can thread any way your child would like! Create little circles with the bells or crisscross the pipe cleaners to create a pattern
  4. Attach the pipe cleaners to create small shakers that your child can shake while listening to holiday music
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