4 Fun Fall Craft Ideas

Explore these fun and engaging fall-inspired activities with your little one!

 Fall is here! Cooler temperatures are in the air, marking the start of the holiday season. We may find ourselves asking, “What is the essence of the holiday season that we want to impart to our children?” Incorporating interesting and fun activities with family traditions will instill deeper appreciation for the many different holidays we all enjoy. Children will love celebrating these special occasions by making crafts and enjoying quality family time while doing so.


We’ve outlined some fun—and easy!—craft ideas to celebrate the fall season and the approaching Halloween holiday. We hope these activities bring your family together for some memorable moments.


Paper Bag Pumpkins

Supply List:

  • 1) Paper bags of any size.
  • 2) Filling (old newspaper or tissue paper)
  • 3) Green pipe cleaner or green ribbon
  • 4) Orange and green paint.
  • 5) Paintbrush

Fill the paper bags about 2/3 with varying textures (like old newspapers or tissue paper). Tie off the top part off using green pipe cleaner or green ribbon to make the stalk. Using a paintbrush, paint the lower part of the bag orange and the stem, or top of the bag, green. Once dried, you can add eyes, a mouthand any other silly facial features with black paint. Use these fun, homemade pumpkins as decorations around your home.


Halloween Sensory Bins

Supply List:

  1. Large tub or container
  2. Orange lentils or orange dyed rice
  3. Additional sensory items like: googly eyes, pumpkin figurines, and tissue ghosts


Fill the tub or container with orange lentils or orange dyed rice. Add in your additional sensory items. Your child will love discovering the different textures as they feel their way through the sensory bin. Add as many varieties of items as you want to keep your child engaged. You can even keep your sensory items a secret and have your child try to guess what they are feeling!


Pumpkin Paper Plates

Supply List:

  • 1) White paper plates
  • 2) Orange and black paint
  • 3) Paintbrush
  • 4) Green pipe cleaners
  • 5) Hole punch

Grab a white paper plate and paint it orange using the paintbrush. Using a hole punch, make a hole at the top of the plate and thread a pipe cleaner through it. Twist it to make the stem. Lastly, paint the eyes and mouth with black paint. Hang these fun pumpkins as décor around your home.

Little Witch Figurines

Supply List:

  1. Black construction paper
  2. Glue
  3. Fabric for the body (old cloth napkins work great!)
  4. Pipe cleaners
  5. Small orange fruit (like a clementine or nectarine)
  6. Black yarn
  7. Popsicle stick (or a small stick from outside!)
  8. Black sharpie


Make a funnel shape for the witch’s hat out of the black construction paper. Glue the paper to help keep the shape. Put the cloth around the top of the stick, tying it off with a pipe cleaner. Then pierce the fruit with the fabric-covered end of the stick to create a head on top of the fabric body. The fruit inserted into the stick will hold the fabric in place like a cape. Glue small strips of yarn to the top of the fruit to create the witch’s hair. Glue the construction paper hat to the top of the hair. Using a black sharpie, draw eyes and a mouth on to the fruit to create a spooky face!


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