We all scream for ice cream

We all scream for ice cream

We think ice cream is the perfect sweet treat for any occasion. With tons of flavors to chose from and a multitude of ways to top a scoop, the possilbilities are endless. But this dessert can be more than just a treat. There are many ways to transform a bowl of ice cream or a cone into a learning experience both you and your little one will enjoy!

1. Customize a Cone Wrapper

Ice cream cone wrappers are a fun way to avoid a big mess and customize any event. This fun ice cream cone addition makes for a fun activity for kids too. Simply pick out your favorite design and customize your wrapper with markers and stickers. No matter what flavor or how many scoops high, you’ll find something special for any ice cream lover. Because why would you wrap your cones in napkins when you can give them fun flair?


Shari’s Berries offers a collection of printable ice cream cone wrappers. With patterns including fruity, tropical and birthday themed, there’s something for any occasion.

2. Open an Ice Cream Stand

Looking for a fun activity on a hot summer day? Stay indoors and host an ice cream stand. Your kids can take turns taking orders and "scoop ice cream" for friends and family. Kids can practice their fine motor skills, their manners, and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit. Real ice cream not required!

Our Lemonade & Ice Cream Stand Playhouse Kit make a perfect addition to the fun. The playhouse slips over the Original or Limited Edition Learning Tower to create a play space your child will enjoy for hours.

3. Make Your Own

You don't need an ice cream machine to make ice cream at home. Jemma, the professional chef behind Bigger Bolder Baking, says it's easy to make homemade ice cream with just two ingredients. More than just a fun way to spend time together, there are many things kids can learn from making ice cream, including basic science. With the kitchen bag method kids get to experiment with temperature and texture and watch what happens when they shake all the ingredients together. As much as we love ice cream, we understand that there are times when you want a treat with less sugar. Our friend Joy at Lunches + Littles shared this recipe for a simple fruit sorbet that is as easy to make as it is sweet to taste. Have you tried making ice cream at home? What is your favorite recipe?